Frequently Answered Questions

What standards and Ethics are used?

The inspection will be performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice and Code Of Ethics of the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) and the California Business and Professions Code.  CREIA has set the standard for care and code of ethics for the inspection industry since 1976 in California. 

Should I Attend the Inspection?

The buyer is encouraged to be present at the inspection to observe the inspection process and for you to be able to ask questions of your inspector at the end of the inspection. Your Avalon inspector can provide valuable information regarding repairs and maintenance at that time. 

How will I RECEIVE my report?

Your detailed, yet easy-to-read,
digital report includes photos of any suggested
repairs and will be delivered by email.

When can i expect my report?

You can expect to receive your report within 24 hours.

What does an Inspection Report look like?

Check out our sample report here